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  • Black and White Tegu
  • Frilled Dragon
  • The best of friends
  • Leopard Tortoise
  • Green Basilisk
  • Theyri King Snakes
  • Mexican Red Rump
  • Russian Tortoise
  • Blue-Tongued Skink

About Us

We are a locally owned and operated Reptile Store located in central Tucson. Our store has all the supplies that your reptile could ever need and almost 100 enclosures that house hundreds of exotic reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates. Not only do we have the most complete selection around we have staff with years of reptile experience that can answer, or find the answer to, almost any question! We try to maintain the lowest prices in town but if you do find a price that is lower than ours we will happily beat it!
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Our Animals

If you are are new to reptiles or just want another great, easy, friendly pet we have a wide selection of great easy to handle reptiles such as Bearded Dragons, Corn Snakes (Large variety of morphs), Leopard Geckos, Box Turtles and a variety of Tortoises (Leopard, Herman's, Sulcata, Red foot).

If you are looking for something more exotic we have hundreds of other amazing animals ranging from large Boas and pythons, to Monitors, to delicate geckos and chameleons. Some of the more exotic animals we currently have in stock include Frilled Dragons, Jungle Carpet Pythons, Black and White Tegus, Nile Monitors, Green Tree Pythons, Pastel Ball Pythons, Spider Ball Pythons, Albino Boas, Ridgetail Monitors and much more. Our inventory changes daily so stop by or call to find out more!

Why Buy Captive Born and Bred? (C.B.B.)

Millions of reptiles are taken out of the wild each year to be sold in pet shops. Most of the animals captured don't even survive the trip to the United States and the few that do survive are often weak, full of parasites and do not survive once they are taken home, even by the most loving and caring families.

Fortunately breeding reptiles has become either a profession or a hobby for individuals all over the world and most species of reptiles are available captive born and bred (c.b.b.). The prices for some c.b.b reptiles are slightly higher than those of wild caught animals but you are not only getting a much happier, healthier, friendlier animal, you are helping to prevent a major threat to the wild population. Most pet stores buy wild caught animals because they are cheaper and it makes their customers happier when they can get cheap animals, especially since most people don't even know what c.b.b means or why it is so much better. (Perhaps this is why there are so many stories out there about reptiles being fragile and hard to keep alive.) Please let your local pet store know that you will only purchase animals that are captive born and bred (c.b.b) or shop somewhere that sells c.b.b animals. This way the wild cousins of the animals we love can continue to enjoy their freedom and you can get a happier, healthier, friendlier animal!

What's New?

WE MOVED! We are now located at 5952 E. Speedway Blvd!

FACEBOOK! We have been expanding our Facebook page. Visit our page for full list of animals that are currently in stock as well as pictures and information about them!


Large Snakes

Other Snakes










Going on vacation? Find out how we can help care for your reptiles!

Visit our boarding page for more information or just call.

Birthdays and Educational Visits

We also do educational class visits and fun reptile birthday parties. We have a wide range of friendly store pets that would love to come visit. Just call or click on the links for more information.


More About Us

Reptile Specialists was opened almost 20 years ago in the early 90's. It has always been a family owned business. After working for the previous owners for several years, Ian bought the store in 2005 and moved it to the current location at 5952 E. Speedway. We have since invested a large amount of time and money into making the store a better place for both customers and the animals that are in our care. This includes over 100 new spacious enclosures and lots of new inventory.

We hope that you are impressed with our knowledge and enthusiasm and look forward to seeing you in our store!

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Feeder Pricing

Crickets(any size):

12 for $1.00

Pre-Order Bulk Crickets:

500 for $23.99 or 1000 for $29.99


12 for $1.00


50 for $2.99

Giant Mealworms:

50 for $3.49 or 100 for $5.99


50 for $4.99

Dubia Cockroaches:

$0.59 each

Pinkie Mice:

$0.99 each

Fuzzy Mice:

$1.19 each

Adult Mice:

$1.39 each

Pinkie and Fuzzy Rats:

$1.99 each

Small Rats:

$2.49 each

Medium Rats:

$3.49 each

Large Rats:

$4.49 each

Jumbo Rats:

$5.49 each

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